How you can help

  • Promotion  - spreading the word to as many techies and people involved in climate change as possible.

  • Website – this website could look a lot nicer, and be a better advert for an organisation that wants to help climate change organisations improve their websites. It's currently created using Google Sites, but I'm happy to have it created in whatever works best.  Also, if you are familiar with Google Sites, I'd appreciate any help with setting up publicly accessible comments on the site and installing a contact form on the Contact page. :-)

  • Go to CCCoders Projects spreadsheet and pick a project that suits your skill, click on the link to get more details and get involved!

If you want to help out with any of these tasks please contact me using the details on the Contact page.

Spreading the word

We are on Twitter as @cccoders, Facebook at and you can follow blog updates at