Here is a list of CCCoders projects that we are either currently working on or could be working on soon. If you are interested in working on any of them email steve at cccoders dot org (email disguised to limit spam) to get involved:-

Friends Of The Earth Open Source MapMaker Project

Skills: Django, Python, AngularJS, Mapping Software.

Details: Friends Of The Earth developed a tool in-house for creating maps with complex data overlaid onto them to use in their campaigns. See this fracking map as an example. They have since open sourced it with the help of CCCoders and we are having regularmonthly meetups to help fix bugs on the project and add new features. For more details see the Project Doc

Skills: Any Web or DB programming. Or just wanting to share your pension divestment story.

Details: The fossil fuel divestment movement is gaining momentum rapidly with many high profile institutions divesting their money away from fossil fuel companies. The UK newspaper is currently focusing the efforts of its Keep It In The Ground campaign on pushing for more divestment. The focus so far has mainly been on big companies, but now there is a move towards personal divestment, mainly through people gaining control over what their personal pension funds are invested in. The idea for this project (not yet underway) is to create a simple web site that allows people to record their personal divestment story once they have achieved some form of divestment away from fossil fuels. They could just ring their pension company and move their funds (for free) from a fund with higher investment to one with lower investment (as few are completely fossil free), or they could be switching some of their pension money to a SIP (Self Investment Pension) and ensuring that all of the investments in that SIP are fossil free. The idea of the website is to record how they did it, how easy/difficult they found the process of dealing with pension companies (with the companies ideally named) and, most importantly, a rough calculation of how much money was divested from fossil fuel companies. As more people add their stories and divest their money the data should become more helpful for people who want to divest themselves and the increasing total figure being divested should be something that people would like to feel a part of as it grows. In terms of implementation I'm currently open to suggestions for technologies to use. Django and or Ruby On Rails both look interesting but if the people who are interested in doing it want to use PHP, Java or some other technology I'm open to suggestions. I have registered already so we can use that name if we want, or team up with the Guardian to do the website.

Climate Denial Online Database

Skills: Ruby On Rails

This is a project that is already partially underway and written using Ruby On Rails and Postgress DB. It provides a web interface to a database of details about climate change deniers. There are a number of bugs + improvements to the web interface required that Rails people could work on.

The Yes Men – Action Switchboard site

Skills: Drupal or server admin skills. Even just basic technical competency in order to read the manual about administering a teacher training server and making changes using the web interface.

Details: The Yes Men are a duo who have been making entertaining films and doing entertaining “interventions” to highlight corruption and other problems in the business world. An example of this was when they did a fake Shell launch party for businessmen in Canada to show off all the new arctic projects, and did a very eccentric and amusing presentation. They have recently shifted their focus onto climate change and have created the website using Drupal to allow people to meet up and organise their own interventions which they hope people will be using to organise things for the Paris climate change talks later this year. I've been helping them set up a couple of new Drupal teaching course servers on Amazon EC2 and if anyone has Drupal/PHP or general server admin or other technial skills they would be very welcome to help on this project.

10:10 – Look Up project.

Skills: Mobile programming – Android and Apple.

Details: 10:10 are a charity who are working to get people's carbon footprint down. They started with the Guardian newspaper just before 2010 with the aim of getting as many people and organisations to sign up in 2010 to achieving a 10% reduction in their carbon footprint. They are working on a new phone app that allows the user to submit details of a building they think could be well suited to solar panels on the roof, including a page that uses google maps to measure the roof area interactively. In their words “The actual idea: a mobile web app called Look Up, that uses expert advice and smartphones' onboard geolocation and orientation sensors to help people identify roof space in their area that's the right size, pitch and orientation for solar panels. Once users found a suitable roof space, they'd be able to log the location to check out in detail on Google maps when they get home, and hopefully take things forward from there.”

CCCoders Member Skills Google Spreadsheet

Skills: Javascript and/or Google Apps Scripting

We have an online spreadsheet containing all of the details and skills of CCCoders members at   The update functionality on this has recently stopped working due to some timeout issue with's RESTful API.  If someone wants to look into fixing this that would be great.  To see the script that generates the spreadsheet click here or just go to the spreadsheet  and select Tools -> Script Editor   You can try running it by selecting Run->refreshData and you will see that it times out with an error "TypeError: Cannot read property "results" from null.Dismiss"  For more details on Google App Scripting go here


Other Climate Modelling projects

Skills: DevOps, shell scripting, perl, linux.

I've contacted a few other organisations related to climate modelling who use technologies like perl, mysql and shell scripting. They include and The systems were complex and difficult to install or located on remote servers with difficulties in access and so it was decided to leave them on the back burner for now. If you are particularly interested in these types of projects (i.e. you have sys admin or scripting skills and would like to work on these more complex project) then please contact me.

Your Idea Here.

Skills: Any

Details: When I started CCCoders I wanted to only work on projects with established organisations, because I thought that was the most likely way of getting something small achieved that would actually get used. Having found that sometimes organisations have quite tight limitations on the spare time they have to collaborate with volunteers and also finding that volunteers sometimes find it difficult to stay committed to established projects I'm now open to new ideas which I will detail on this page and email out the group. That way people can work on anything they want and are not limited to what the organisers or established organisations think up.